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Except for having grown up in a traveling circus, Mike is your average middle-aged man working in a shipping supply store. He’s content to fill the rest of his days imagining bizarre shipping scenarios and drinking at the local strip mall pub — until a strange woman comes to the store and ruins his boring plans and resurrects his deepest secrets.

Ferment is a fast-paced sequence of 48 chapters / vignettes that cut from past to present to show the inner workings of a man whose soul has been crushed and how he got to be that way, and how he might escape.

This is the first novel by Chris Minnick. Having previously authored numerous technical books, he threw caution to the wind with his first work of long fiction and took on numerous topics about which he knew (and still knows) next to nothing, including: the circus, circus entertainers, circus history, and dwarfs.

Motel Magazine calls Ferment, “A fascinating first effort by a technical writer searching for his own voice, free of concerns about accuracy or facts. The results of this experiment are often hilarious.”